May 20th, 2007
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as aired LIVE on Sunday, May 20th 2007
James' Opening Comments, Announcements & News
Dr. Rita's Soul Healer Moment

One a month, Dr. Rita Louise will examine a Human emotion, and it's positive and/or negatives affects on the human body, mind and soul, and will offer tips to alter the energy patterns and thus it's course, which often ends in chronic illness.

This Month: The Manifestation of Disease Just Energy Radio
Applied Energetics Institute

An Attempt/Experiment In Group/Distant Healing/Energy
James will take a name from email each week, and work with listeners to send energy to the person for their self-healing. Please think of this person this week, and visualize sending healing, love, energy.

This Week's Focus: Tom Taulbee (heart failure) & Rachel Trendler (Emotional Distress)

Music for Healing Segment: Liquid Mind - Ambience Minimus - Zero Degrees Zero (

What's in this Month's FATE Magazine!

Each month someone from FATE magazine will join us to talk about features and stories in the latest issue!

Joining us tonight will be contributing writer to FATE, Frank Joseph

James McCanney Science

James McCanney stops by each month to share his observations on the current science happenings about us, that you just might not hear elsewhere.

Among the topics discussed, James talk more about the RFID Chips and the controversial potential for personal information "hacking" opened by their legitimate use.. Read for yourself how the industry is flying forward with implementation from their own industry's Web Journal:

This Week in Free Energy!© with Sterling Allan

Each Sunday Night, join us for a ten minute update of what is happening in the world of Free Energy.

Free Energy News

Pure Energy Systems

Neil Slade -Musician, Film Maker

Film: "Captain Sherlock Solves 9/11" (info-purchase)

Who Is Captain Sherlock?? Real Player Audio or Windows Media Audio (2 MB, 5 min. Audio)

This is an INDEPENDENT documentary about the events, and technical aspects of 9/11 seen through the eyes of a pilot.

This full production DVD film presents new evidence, ground breaking interviews featuring Top Gun Military/Commercial Pilot Field McConnell (This pilot KNOWS what military AND commercial planes can do- He KNOWS, and will explain what jets COULD and COULD NOT do on 9/11) and Forensic Economist and explosives expert David Hawkins, scale model recreations and detailed evaluation based on all the hard data, with an original music score, audio commentary and more.

It is a story you have not yet been told nor heard anywhere else, containing information by perhaps the ultimate non-partisan, non-political scientific and aeronautic experts on 9/11. Many consider this the breakthrough film about the HOW and WHO of 9/11, told in an artful and unforgettable way.

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Hour 2: "All Be Gone" by Jamie Lee Thurston (website)
Hour 3
: "Learning to Fly" by Tom Petty (website)
Hour 4:
"Sky Pilot " by The Animals (website)

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