Oct. 7th, 2007
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as aired LIVE... Sunday, Oct 7th, 2007
James' Opening Comments, Announcements & News

SKRYING with Dr. Willie Maartens

"Because of my lifelong, intense interest in spirituality, science, mathematics, metaphysics, fideism, ontology, and the concepts of faith and knowledge, I have been studying the relationship and interaction between these fields, and the occult for over forty years. In these monthly talks, I will try to concentrate on the more interesting aspects of these interactions, as well as how you can enjoy these spiritual visions for yourself. I cordially invite you to send in your questions and to make suggestions about what I should be talking about to you." -Dr. Willie Maartens


An Attempt/Experiment In Group/Distant Healing/Energy
James will take a name from email each week, and work with listeners to send energy to the person for their self-healing. Please think of this person this week, and visualize sending healing, love, energy.

Tonight's Focus: SJ (Illness and Leg injury) & Lucinda (Sun/Heat Exhaustion)

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Music for Healing Segment: Liquid Mind - Ambience Minimus - Zero Degrees Zero (www.liquidmindmusic.com)

Jim Shultz -On Psychic Energies

Personal friend of James for years, Jim Shultz, will be here each month for free readings for F2F Listeners and commentaries and teaching about psychics and psychic energy

To call to schedule a personal, private reading:
1-800-275-5336 Extension: 01749845

This Week in Free Energy!© with Sterling Allan

Each Sunday Night, join us for a ten minute update of what is happening in the world of Free Energy.

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Bill Ayers -Author, UIC Professor, former Weathermen (full-Bio)

James has asserted that this current times have strong analogs to the times of the 60's-70's. This show begins a series of shows in where we talk to people who were aware and active in those earler times as well in these current times andcompare and contrast and learn from the sucesses and failures in hopes we are not doomed to continue the enless loop of oppression and resistance till death di us part..

Ayers was a 1960s-era political activist and Weather Underground member. He grew up in Glen Ellyn, Illinois, a suburb of Chicago in a highly privileged family (his father, Thomas Ayers, was Chairman and CEO of Commonwealth Edison) and attended Lake Forest Academy. According to Ayers' memoir Fugitive Days, he became radicalized at the University of Michigan. During his years there, he became involved in the New Left and the SDS.

Ayers went underground with several comrades after their co-conspirators' bomb accidentally exploded on March 6, 1970, destroying a Greenwich Village townhouse and killing three members of the Weather Underground (Ted Gold, Terry Robbins, and Diana Oughton, who was Ayers' girlfriend at the time). He and his colleagues invented identities and traveled continuously. They avoided the police and FBI, while bombing high-profile government buildings including; the United States Capitol, The Pentagon, and the Harry S Truman Building housing the State Department. Ayers and Bernardine Dohrn raised two children, Zayd and Malik, underground before turning themselves in in 1981, when most charges were dropped because of what Ayers described as "extreme governmental misconduct" during the long search for the fugitives. They also adopted a son, Chesa Boudin.

Ayers published his memoirs in 2001 with the book Fugitive Days. In an interview with the New York Times to promote his book, Ayers said, “I don’t regret setting bombs. I feel we didn’t do enough.” He has also edited and written nearly a dozen books on education theory, policy and practice.

In the fall of 2006, Ayers was disinvited to a conference for progressive educators on the grounds that his "radical" positions would tarnish the reputation and standing of the progressive education movement. -Source: Wikipedia


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Ten Years After- "I'd Love to Change the World" (artist website)
Steppenwolf - "Monster" (artist website)
Gill Scott-Heron- "The Revolution Will Not Be Televised" (artist website)

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