December 30th, 2007
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as aired Sunday, December 30, 2007
James' Opening Comments, Announcements & News

Dr. Patrick Flanagan possesses a unique ability to reorganize key concepts from a variety of applied sciences to solve intractable problems. He is a futurist with deep encyclopedic knowledge of the applied sciences. Dr. Flanagan's solutions are real and scientifically proven to work. At 11 years of age, he designed a missile detection system that was purchased by the Department of Defense. At age 13, he invented a device enabling deaf people to hear and received two patents for it. At 17, he was part of a Pentagon Think Tank and later was a consultant to the CIA, NSA, and NASA. As a physicist and medical doctor, Patrick Flanagan realized that his passion for the applied sciences grew out of a deep love and desire to protect humanity and life itself.

This Week in Free Energy!© with Sterling Allan

Each Sunday Night, join us for a ten minute update of what is happening in the world of Free Energy.

This week's F2F was recorded before TWIFE was written. By arrangements with James and Sterling Allan, you can download This Week in Free Energy for Dec 30th, 2007 in an MP3 format <HERE>

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Robert C. Valentine

David Booth

Maj. Ed Dames


Robert C. Valentine -Author, WWII Historian, Miracle of Fatima Researcher

NOTE Dec 2007: Robert has published an Addendum to his original book, updating it with info since it's original publishing. In preparation to that release, and a new show on the additional data, we are repaying this show to set the background. Many new listeners may be surprised at the revelations on the 3rd Secret of Fatina by Robert, David Booth, and Maj. Ed Dames.

BOOK: Alert: For the Times
Cascading Storms, Climate, History and What to look For
The Miracle of FATIMA: Past, Present and Future!!

The Who's Who and Who's NOT in the Secrets of Fatima A-Z! Everything everyone has ever uttered by the few who have seen the writing... and even modern day prophecies, unbeknownst to those who said them, that point to Fatima!

Special NOTE: Maj. Ed Dames and David Booth have agreed to appear and be interviewed in relation to their visions which, Robert feels, pertains to the 3rd Secret of Fatima!

ALSO listen as Maj. Dames describes his remote viewing of the 3rd Secret of Fatima which independently confirms David Booth's Vision/Dream AS THE 3rd SECRET OF FATIMA!!! -AND- Robert Valentine explains information that Father Malichi Martin let "slip" on an Art Bell show that point to 2006!!!



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