June 15th , 2008
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as aired LIVE... Sunday, June 15th 2008

James' Opening Comments, Announcements & News

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Dr. Rita's Soul Healer Moment

One a month, Dr. Rita Louise will examine a Human emotion, and it's positive and/or negatives affects on the human body, mind and soul, and will offer tips to alter the energy patterns and thus it's course, which often ends in chronic illness.

This Visit: Owning Your Space

www.soulhealer.com Just Energy Radio Applied Energetics Institute

An Attempt/Experiment In Group/Distant Healing/Energy
James will take a name from email each week, and work with listeners to send energy to the person for their self-healing. Please think of this person this week, and visualize sending healing, love, energy.

This Week's Focus: TBA


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FATE Magazine Presents:

Each month we will hear from contributing writers from FATE magazine on themes and subjects covered in FATE Magazine!



This month explorer, author, editor Frank Joseph joins us to talk about some of his investigations.

This Visit: "The Lost Treasure of KIng Juba" tells of a
southern Illinois cave presently being excavated for its stash of
Roman Era gold and artifacts

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The Lost Treasure of of King Juba
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James McCanney Science

James McCanney stops by each month to share his observations on the current science happenings about us, that you just might not hear elsewhere.

This Visit: The Weather

NOTE: after the show, James McCanney alerted James of this posted this note on his website:

June 16, 2008 posting ... i certainly should have thought of this before ... today i was guest on not one but two radio shows talking about the weather conditions in the USA and more specifically IOWA ... i was guest with James Arthur Jancik "Feet 2Fire" out of Chicago and earlier in the afternoon i was guest with host John Moore on Republic Broadcasting Network ... in both instances i was attempting to make the leap from ... "is this strange weather being manipulated" ... to ... "let's assume it is and look for the reason that eastern Iowa is being targeted" (see my postings below regarding "weather bombing" of the USA) ... then after these appearances i got the following sent to me off the AP wire by another talk show host ... at about the same time as i scanned the pics of Cedar Rapids Iowa flooding disaster i could not help but notice the massive train facilities dedicated to corn storage in this thriving corn town of east central iowa ... owned by a little company call CARGILL ... the world wide food conglomerate ... i was already thinking out of the box ... i talked with both hosts off line as we sometimes do about current affairs and we were trying to put together the pieces of the puzzle that we were seeing ... me with my weather science that was showing that months of severe weather had no source of energy to sustain them ... with john and james speculating on other related issues from a coming contrived food shortage and rationing to the fact that everyone is waking up to the 911 takeover of the USA and the other related issues ... we talked about the daily rain clouds that just seemed to target the eastern segment of Iowa (still going on today) ... not exactly the place for 500 year flooding in mid-june ... one might expect it on the mississippi river ... but NOT HERE ... so what gives ??? OIL ... BIOFUEL ... CORN ... CARGILL ... and corn prices shooting up from $4.00 a bushel to over $7.00 a bushel OVER NIGHT (a little insurance loss in this small iowa town would certainly be worth the futures gains) ... energy and world futures ... with a high today of $7.37 for a bushel of corn today SUNDAY ... on world markets ... this year's international food supply along with hope of ethanol bringing energy costs within reason ... all floating down the river with the hopes and dreams of a half million iowa residents along with their houses and life savings ... with the speculators drooling over residual profits that outstrip even recent oil profits ... are you starting to get the picture ... remember a little manipulated storm called Katrina ??? they are calling the storms in iowa the "midwestern katrina" and it is !!! ethnic cleansing of the USA ... recall that katrina was sent to target the major oil refineries of the new orleans region that fed the entire south land and USA (especially texas and all the way to the eastern sea board) ... katrina was the beginning of the beginning of outrageous oil and gas prices ... and certainly out of control of anyone as we helplessly watch these "acts of god" destroy our planet's future ... salmonella outbreaks for which the FDA cannot seem to locate the source ... corn futures doubling over night ... hmmm ... and at great profit to a few ... jim mccanney


This Week in Free Energy!© with Sterling Allan

Each Sunday Night, join us for a ten minute update of what is happening in the world of Free Energy.

This Week in Free Energy Free Energy News Pure Energy Systems

Kevin Doheny, BA, CHT, MBT

Certified Hypnotherapist, Past Life Regression Therapist, Mind-Body Therapist, Healing Touch Apprentice Practitioner, Speaker, Composer

Healing and Changing Consciousness Through Sound

You are about to enter a unique process of holistic health and wellness, where there are no pills, no herbs, and no invasive therapies.

You are entering a realm where addictions (such as smoking and eating) are a thing of the past; sports performance is effortless; ADD, ADHD and other diagnosed conditions are addressed without side effects -- and that's only the beginning!

Gently guided through properly and uniquely created Sound (some call it music) your mind can pass through the door of limitations to enter a universe of unlimited possibilities.

Read Kevins Article, "Change the Mind's Consciousness Through Sound"

I know that each human being is a unique interrelated system of body, emotions, mind, and spirit. Therefore in order for any change or healing to take place, all four components need to be addressed in order to return the system to a state of BALANCE. To this end I utilize a variety of innovative techniques — including Hypnotherapy, Past Life Regression, Healing Touch, and most of all SOUND (which I incorporate into everything) — custom designed to serve the highest and best interest of each person. -Kevin Dohney


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